November 11, 2017 ( – Heating Systems:  There are many ways to heat up your home this winter. Most of them are traditional. Depending on your home, you may have one or more of these type of heating systems. Below are different types of heating systems available.


Boilers are water heaters essentially. While furnaces heat up the air, boiler systems distribute heat in hot water. The cooler water goes back into the boiler to be reheated. In some areas, hot water systems are called hydronic systems. A residential boiler uses natural gas typically. It can also use heating oil which is for fuel.


North American households typically have central furnaces that provide heat. The way a furnace works is by blowing heated air through air ducts. These air ducts are in every room. This allows the heated air to travel throughout the house. This heating system is called ducted warm-air.


Gas or wood fireplaces are sometimes luxuries in homes. They provide a warm glow but often they do not give enough heat. It is a natural heating source but the heat does not stay for long. If there is a tight-sealing glass door, then the heat can be useful.

Electric Space Heaters

Portable electric heaters are great as they are less expensive than furnaces. The electric heat comes from the wall socket and is turned into heat. This is similar to a toaster or microwave oven. An electric space heater can be a great alternative to reducing the cold air in your house.

The variety of heaters have helped keep homes warm. Depending on where you live, you may need more than one of these options. To keep your bill down throughout the winter, you can use a space heater in each room. If you find that your bill keeps getting higher, your furnace may need maintenance or to be replaced.

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