Tips to Hiring the Right Heating and Cooling Contractor

Tips to Hiring the Right Heating and Cooling Contractor and Ways to be Prepared When Talking to Them

  • Find out about licensed and insured contractors in your state.
  • Before calling a contractor always know the model of your heating and cooling system, and have your maintenance history handy.
  • Walk into each room and note which one seems less heated or cooled.
  • Referrals…Referrals…Referrals, ask your family, friends and co-workers for Heating and Cooling Contractor referrals.
  • Before signing on the dotted line get references. Ask each Heating and Cooling Contractor for at least 3 customer references and get their phone numbers. Then you need to do your due diligence and call. Make notes and have questions prepared to ask each reference. Questions like, contractor’s promptness, installation, service performance and how comfortable they felt with the technician.
  • Nowadays it is all about being energy efficient. Does the contractor offer energy efficient ENERGY STAR qualified heating and cooling systems? If so, there could be a rebate. You can go to to find out more information.
  • When it comes to the ENGERGY STAR make sure the contractor has qualified products and can show you calculations of savings with your ENERGY STAR system.
  • Ask and expect a home inspection. Your contractor must spend time inspecting your current heating and cooling system to assess your needs. Make sure the contractor inspects the duct work for air leaks and insulation and measure airflow. (If Applicable)
  • Get several estimates and make sure they are itemized. Compare the cost, the system and most importantly, the warranty. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Once you have chosen your heating and cooling contractor get the written proposal signed before works begins. This protects you and the contractor and you know exactly what you are getting.

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