Are You a Snowbird Heading for Warmer Weather After the Holidays?

Snowbird: Here are some helpful tips on keeping your home safe while you are gone.

  • Forward your mail or arrange for someone you trust to pick it up daily.
  • Stop your newspapers and any other daily deliveries you have at your home.
  • Make your outside look like someone is home by having someone shovel your snow.
  • Are you planning on not heating your home while you are away? Make sure your water supply is shut off and your water pipes are drained completely. Also, think about adding anti-freeze to your toilets (look for non-toxic).
  • If you have any valuables in your home, make sure they are secure in a fire proof safe or in your local bank’s safety deposit box. Also, arrange for someone to have the information and capability to get to them if ever necessary.
  • Make sure your gutters are clean and there are no limbs hanging over roof or gutters. Also, winterize your outside faucets.
  • Unplug anything inside home that is not necessary while you are away. This will help save on electricity and protect your home from electrical fires.
  • Make sure your cupboards and refrigerator are cleaned out thoroughly.

Finally, find someone you trust that has all your information and a way to get into your home. Give yourself a piece of mind while enjoying your time away.

Ways we can help,

  • Have a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat installed to allow you monitor the temperature in your home from anywhere from any smartphone. You can also set it up to alert you should the temperature raise or fall above specific temperature ranges.
  • Have us install a water monitor / freeze detector that will alert you to the presence of water or a high or low temperature situation.
  • Have your furnace checked to be sure there is not a problem that can be easily avoided with routine maintenance.
  • Rhymes’ now provides Carrier Cor alarm and home automation systems. These systems allow for security monitoring, lighting timers, indoor and outdoor cameras and lots more home automation conveniences.

Have a great winter and give us a call should you need something. We’re here when you need us.

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