Four Generations of Rhymes History

Rhymes HistoryFor 85 years of Rhymes History, the Ryan family has served the heating and cooling needs of St. Louisans in a very personal and trustworthy fashion.

It all began in 1926, when John L. Ryan opened his own heating business in south St. Louis. His son Jim followed in his footsteps, operating the business from 1944 to 1992, thus giving way to the third generation of Ryans; Mike, Patricia, and Bernie at Rhymes Heating and Cooling.

Currently in it’s 4th generation, five sons are significant players in carrying on this great family tradition; Michael, Stephen, Danny, David and Frank. For a true “personal” experience when dealing with your heating and cooling contractor, call the Ryans at Rhymes Heating and Cooling. They will be there when you need them!

Mission Statement

We are committed to striving each and every day for excellence and satisfaction in the sale, installation, and service repair of heating and cooling equipment.

We are constantly striving to communicate to our customers, our employees, and to the community we do business in, our total commitment to professionalism and social responsibility. We will perform quality work at the highest degree of professional competence by utilizing our experience and ongoing technical training in order to be a leader in our field.