Rhymes Heating & Cooling Videos

Below are some Rhymes Heating & Cooling Videos about Air Purity, Dehumidifiers, and Ventilation that might come in handy for you to learn more about these topics.

Getting a breath of fresh air isn’t as easy as it used to be. We’ve loaded the atmosphere with all kinds of pollutants that have triggered a number of serious atmospheric ills. The atmosphere is, in effect, talking back. It’s warning us that it can’t sustain more of our abuse without causing harm — not only to humans but to the planetary ecosystem.

We now have the power to destroy the delicate balance that sustains the Earth’s many kinds of life, including human beings. Saving the planet is also within our grasp.

The basic functional principle of a condense drying dehumidifier is really quite simple. A fan draws in humid air and carries it through a refrigerated evaporator. The air is cooled well below its dew point. The water condenses on the cold surface of the evaporator and drips into a water container or is led directly to a drain. Then the cold dry air continues through a hot condenser which heats it up and returns it to the room to pick up new humidity. This procedure is continued until the desired condition is achieved.