Hybrid HeatHybrid Heat

With a traditional heating and cooling system, if you wanted to save more, you had to use less, but a Hybrid Heat system combines the benefits of intelligent control for both gas and electric heating to create an intuitive system that can actually react to changing conditions.

No matter what the temperature is outside, a Hybrid Heat system will automatically select the fuel source most efficient for your home, which means you’ll stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer and save money all year long.

To design a Hybrid Heat system for your home, we professionally match one of our heat pump units with a natural gas furnace. Contact us to see how much energy you can save over your existing system.

Efficiency AFUE  Up to
96.6% AFUE
 Up to
93% AFUE
 Up to
92% AFUE
Efficiency SEER Up to 19 SEER Up to 15 SEER Up to 15 SEER
Efficiency HSPF  9 HSPF   9.0 HSPF   7.7 – 8.5 HSPF 
Energy Star Rated
Sound Level Quietest Quieter Quiet
Fan/Heating Operation Variable Speed/
2 Stage Heating
Two Speed/
2 Stage Heating
Single Speed/
1 Stage Heating
Refrigerant Type Puron Puron Puron
Compressor 2 Stage Scroll Single Stage Scroll Single Stage Scroll
Factory Warranty Parts 10 yrs. 10 yrs. 10 yrs.
Factory Warranty Compressor 10 yrs. 10 yrs. 10 yrs.
Factory Warranty
Heat Exchanger
Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Cost $$$$ $$$ $$