All HVAC systems and installations are not created equal!

Buying a heating and air conditioning system is not like buying a TV or a microwave. While these items are all produced in a factory, come off a conveyor, are placed on a truck and shipped to one of several stores, once purchased they are delivered to your home and…..STOP!!!, this is where the similarities end. When you remove the TV or microwave from the box, it is plugged in and turned on.

Your heating and air conditioning system is very different. A trained technician sets your equipment in place and then wires them to your home wiring. They will then runs copper piping through your home to connect the indoor and outdoor equipment, install vent piping to take dangerous fumes to the outdoors and interconnects the control wiring to allow the thermostat furnace and air conditioner to communicate with each other. The ductwork around the system will be custom fabricated to adapt from the new system to your existing ductwork. The system will be pressure tested, evacuated and charged with refrigerant. Once all the components have been connected and set up, the most important work begins, commissioning.

Your system cannot just be turned on and if air is blowing out of the registers and it hot or cold your good to go. The gas pressure to the burners must be set, the airflow must be programed and the refrigerant lever will need to be checked. Research shows that more that 50% of air conditioning systems are not charged correctly. Why wouldn’t someone know if their air conditioner is not charged correctly, great question, the answer is, that an under or over charged air conditioning system will still produce cold air. Only when it gets very hot will a problem show itself, however all summer, the air conditioner has been running longer, using more electricity and causing more wear and tear on the equipment. This is why the commissioning process, and who is doing the commissioning is so important. You want a company that takes pride in the overall operation and cares about how that system will perform over the entire life of the equipment.

Rhymes is a factory authorized dealer and trains out technicians on how to properly install set up and commission the equipment we install. We wake pride in how the systems we install, look and operate.

When you need new equipment, be sure to pick a company that takes pride in their installations.

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