HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

For many of us, pets have become part of our family. These beloved family members bring joy, companionship and unconditional love. Despite all that pets can bring to our lives, they can cause some issues with your air quality and HVAC unit.

The Cleaner the Better

Bathing your pet regularly and keeping them clean plays a big role in the air quality of your home. Pet dander is the major cause of many allergies. You want to make sure that you clean up your pet hair routinely. Pet dander in your home can actually be recirculated throughout your HVAC ducts causing a perpetual problem.

Regularly Check Your HVAC Filter

Having pets means pet hair could be clogging your HVAC filter. A clogged filter means less efficiency and higher utility bills as well as a shorter lifespan for your HVAC system.

Upgrade Your HVAC’s Filter

As we said, keeping your filter clean goes a long way toward helping you keep your HVAC system and the internal air in your home clean. But, if that is not enough, upgrading your filter is probably a good idea. Upgrading to a HEPA filter is helpful because HEPA filters remove 99.9% of airborne particles.

Look out for Exposed Wires

The wires that make your HVAC system function may look like a fun toy to a kitten or a puppy. Obviously, this could be a recipe for disaster. You want to make sure you keep all of your HVAC wires covered. Ideally you should keep them in a conduit.

Keep Condenser Units outside Enclosed.

If your dog is able to go wherever it pleases in your yard this could pose a handful of problems for your condenser unit and your pooch as well. Dogs could scratch the condenser’s fins with their claws. This could injure your pooch’s paws or cause problems for your condenser unit. We all know how dogs go about claiming their territory. If your dog decides to mark your condenser unit as his own the urine could lead to refrigerant leaks or corrosion in the unit.

Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Your air ducts take the air from your HVAC unit and transport it throughout your home. If your ducts are dirty with pet hair and dander than the dander will just be continually circulated throughout the house. Cleaning your ducts removes the dirt and takes it out of circulation.

Seal Your Air Ducts

If there are gaps and cracks in your air ducts it gives pet hair and dander easy access into your ducts, and then as we mentioned, the hair and dander will be continually circulated through the air in your home. Sealing your ducts will remedy those gaps and cracks and keep debris from entering the ductwork.

We at Rhymes have all of the knowledge and abilities to keep your air clean and to ensure that your pets remain man’s best friend and don’t cause issues with the air quality in your home.

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