Ways to Raise the Humidity level in Your Home

Humidity:  Winter is here! The furnace is running keeping the home and family warm. And it’s drying up the air you breathe. As well as drying your skin and creating chapped lips.

So, what do we do about it? Here are some tips on increasing the humidity in your home.

If you are a DIYer, here are some suggestions on making your own humidifier.

  • Allow your clothes to air dry. It brings moisture to the air, saves energy by not using dryer and puts the fresh smell of laundry out into the air.
  • Decorate your home with beautiful vases and bowls of water. Just make sure you remember to clean them and fill them.
  • After giving the kids a bath, leave the water in the tub and allow it to evaporate into the air.
  • Boil water in a pot or in a tea pot on the stove.
    • Just make sure that you keep an eye on the water so it does not dry up and burn the pot you’re working with.
  • Get a fish tank.
    • You can the evaporation of the water while enjoying the relaxation of a fish tank. However, you will notice having to fill the tank with water more frequently in the winter.
  • Plants
    • Great décor for your home while helping bring moisture to your homes air.
  • Keep the Heat at a Consistent Temperature
    • While it might be enticing to turn up the heat to stay warm. The heat is what dry’s the air. Keeping it consistent at a lower temperature will help you with having less dry air.
    • Although cheaper than the humidifier to run, it usually works best with smaller rooms like a bedroom.
    • Whatever the method. Keeping warm this winter doesn’t have to mean you must live with dry air, dry skin or chapped lips.

Professional Solution

For a professional solution, consider an Aprilaire whole home automatic humidifier. These can be set to a specific humidity level and automatically add moisture to the drying air throughout the winter to keep the humidity level in your home and your desired level.

Should you need anything this winter please don’t hesitate to give us a call, we’re here when you need us. 314-638-8181.