As we enter the first months of the year our heaters are on and running more and more.  Like most Midwest Winters our homes begin to dry resulting in nasal problems, static shocks from the carpet and electrical light switches.  This leads to dry skin, dry throats and sinuses.

These side effects of low humidity leave us uncomfortable and it’s also not healthy.  The correct humidity level at this time of year is a very important thing for several reasons…

  • Correct Humidity Prevents Nasal dryness and bleeding.
  • It helps reduce dry skin.
  • It prevents static electricity shocks.
  • Humidity also helps prevent cracking wood products like cabinetry, floors and furniture

Dry Air is Unhealthy Air.

Viruses really thrive in low humidity conditions.  One American Medical Society advises that the importance of preventing an overly dry indoor air is because it increases the likelihood of infections.  This is even more important for homes with school age children.

We provide our customers here in the St. Louis area with a variety of solutions in controlled humidification.  Whole house humidifiers are one solution.  There are many models of whole house solutions such as the Aprilaire products we can install in the heating systems.  So we recommend a consultation to determine your best scenario.  Once installed the result is lower thermostat settings and heating dollars saved.  Not to mention a healthier more comfy home automatically.


5 Things You can do to Improve Humidity.

 1. Open exterior doors less.  The less cold, dry air getting in the less often the heater runs both of which which helps maintain humidity.

2. Crack the shower door in order to let steam into the house.

3. Make tea.  Boiling water in the tea pot puts humidity in to the air.  Just be sure to never leave un-attended.

4. Leave bath water in the tub. If you have no toddlers, little ones or pets that would be in danger, you can leave bathwater in the tub overnight and then drain in the morning.  This lets a portion of the water evaporate into the air overnight when heaters run most.

5. The best way to improve Humidity is automatically with a whole house humidifier.   When indoor air is too dry “Its Time for Rhymes.”  We are at your service 24 hours a day.

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