Garage HeatersGarage Heaters

When winter hits, there’s one area that we often wish was warmer than it is – the garage, which can be heated up with garage heaters.

If you have a detached garage that houses your vehicles or workshop, you may want to consider looking at a garage heater. These can not only make the air in the building warmer and more comfortable, but it can actually help when it comes to warming up the car or truck in the morning. We offer a wide selection of electric and gas garage heating systems.

When there is a need for heating, the fuel from your natural gas line flows through a gas valve inside the garage heater. A spark or pilot flame ignites the fuel and a flame is produced inside a heat exchanger. When the heat exchanger reaches a pre-set temperature, a fan turns on which blows space air through the warm heat exchanger. The air entering the heat exchanger absorbs the heat from the heat exchanger, resulting in a warmer discharge air temperature. As the fuel is burned, by-products of combustion leave the garage heater through a vent pipe also called a chimney.