Cold Weather Means, Chili…Hot Cocoa…Sweaters and Furnace Tune-Up

Are you starting to feel the chill in the air and your think you need a furnace tune-up? Are you digging out your sweaters and sweatshirts to keep yourself warm? If so, then you know it is time for your Furnace Tune-Up for Winter.
Whether you had a check-up last year regular maintenance keeps your furnace doing what it needs to do, keep you warm.

Our trained Technicians will scan your furnace for any small problems before they become big.  Just like your car, your furnace will let you know of any detectable warning signs that can be taken care of by our trained technicians.

How do we do this?  We have a checklist our Technicians perform and will walk you through each step so you can have better knowledge of your furnace.
As our Technician goes through each step of the checklist they will also clean your furnace of any dust particles. Dust particles have the capability of clinging everywhere and if dust builds up significantly, it can decrease your furnaces heating abilities and damage it beyond repair.

We want to make sure your family stays safe and warm over the winter so we also check for any carbon monoxide leaks or fire hazards.
Once our trained Technician has finished with our checklist, as well as, doing any small repairs…they will present you with a Checklist Report detailing your furnace’s performance, condition and suggested maintenance or repairs.
This will become part of your record at Rhymes Heating & Cooling, which will allow us to keep in touch
for your next furnace tune-up.
The hot chocolate and cold weather has arrived.  It’s very important to us that everyone in our service
area is safe and warm this winter. Call today to schedule your Furnace Tune-Up…314-638-8181.
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