St. Louis, MO//September 26, 2017 ( – Selecting the right Furnace filter is critical for ensuring good air quality in your home, and ensuring that your furnace will run efficiently for many years to come. The air filter removes dirt, dust, bacteria allergens and other pollutants from the air. Clean air in your home helps to keep your family safe and healthy. Simply selecting the correct furnace filter is not a guarantee of healthy air. You need to follow the instructions laid out in the user manual.

Furnace Filters Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

The most common furnace filter sizes are: 16″ x 20″, 20″ x 25″ and 16″ x 25″ you can find the correct filter size for your furnace by inspecting the door of your furnace Cabinet. Furnace filters must be an exact fit. This is not a situation where you can call it “good enough” and move on to the next project on your list.

Check the Compatibility

Many manufacturers produce furnace filters that are compatible with other brands of furnaces. Just because you have a Lenox furnace does not necessarily mean you have to buy their brand of furnace filter. Before purchasing a replacement filter, check the specifications to make sure it is a good match for your system.

The Thicker, the Better

Furnace filters can range anywhere from 1″to 5″ in thickness. In general, the thicker the furnace filter is the more efficiently your unit work and the longer it will last. However, before running out and buying the thickest filter you can find, be sure to check your system’s specifications to determine how thick of a furnace filter you will be able to use.

Standards for Efficiency

MERV is the only efficiency rating system endorsed by the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). When selecting your furnace filter this is the only rating system you should be concerned with.

The MERV system uses a simple numerical scale to rate filters efficiency at removing airborne particles. To put it simply, the higher the MERV rating the more efficiently that particular furnace filter will be able to remove pollutants from the air. A Merv rating of 10 is ideal for most households. However, if anyone in the home suffers from allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues you should choose a furnace filter with a minimum rating of 12. In the situation, the higher the better.

Pleated Vs. Non-Pleated

As a rule of thumb, pleated furnace filters are more efficient than non-pleated filters. 

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