October 29, 2017 (RhymesHeating.com) — It certainly doesn’t feel like it now, but soon your furnace will be getting a workout. Cooler weather is slowly but surely creeping up. Many of us will be flipping on our furnaces before we know it.

Myth #1: Closing Vents Will Save on Energy Costs.

It is a common misconception that closing vents will reduce energy costs. This simply isn’t true. Exploring how heat is delivered from your furnace will help to explain why this myth is unfortunately false.

For newer homes, the heat from your HVAC system is delivered through what is known as a forced-air heating system. These systems use the balance of pressures to deliver heat equally throughout the home. Closing vents and registers disrupt the balance and cause the furnace to have to work considerably harder to heat the home to your desired level.

Myth #2 Putting Your Thermostat On A Higher Setting Will Heat Your Home More Quickly.

It may seem like cranking your thermostat up will heat your home faster. This is simply not the case. Your furnace will reach your desired temperature in the same amount of time regardless of how high you have set it. For example, if you want to heat your home to 73 ° setting your thermostat for 80° will not cause your furnace to heat to 73° any quicker than it normally would.

Myth #3 Lowering Your Thermostat While You’re Not Home Has No Impact On Your Energy Bills.

The warmer your home is the more your furnace will run. The more it runs, the higher energy costs will be. There is simply no way around this. If you set your thermostat lower while you’re gone, your furnace won’t have to run as frequently to maintain the temperature of your home. Even though the system may have to run a little bit longer to bring your home back up to temperature when you arrive, you will still be saving on energy costs in the long run.

Myth #4 Cold Floors Are Normal in the Winter

if you find that your floors feel colder during the winter, you may be lacking proper insulation. If the home is properly insulated it should be able to keep the warm air in while keeping cold air out. Improper insulation will also lead to higher energy bills. Your furnace will have to take on a bigger workload to keep your home warm.

Make Sure Your Furnace Is Ready For Winter

The HVAC pros at Rhymes are furnace experts. If you want your furnace tuned up or you need a complete replacement, we’ve got you covered. Don’t risk going into winter with your furnace in anything less than top-notch shape. Make an appointment today to ensure that your furnace will be able to keep you warm all winter long.

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