How to find the right Heating & Cooling Contractor

Thinking of replacing your HVAC system? Not sure what contractor to use? Here are some helpful tips from Rhymes Heating and Cooling.

Knowledge. Learn what you can about licensing and insurance for your state. Also, know the model of your unit that you have right now. Ducts? Radiators? Location of outside unit. Have maintenance history handy and know what rooms need more heating/cooling than others.

Referrals. Ask your friends, your clergy, your relatives. When they give you a contractor name, ask them why they are referring them? Was because of cost? Customer Service? Best Product? Also, when reaching out to the contractors, ask them for referrals. But here is the biggest part of referrals, contact them.

Check for Discounts. Your HVAC system is a large purchase that you will make for your home. By checking for available rebates for energy-efficient ENERGY STAR qualified heating and cooling systems, you could save money. At Rhymes Heating and Cooling we will work with you to find out what is available in your area and we offer financing for your purchase.

Have a Home Inspection. Make sure all the contractors inspect your home and give you a written report and bid on what they are going to do and cost. Most contractors will assess your needs including your duct work. Rhymes Heating and Cooling technicians are NATE certified and we encourage our customers to walk with us through the inspection and ask questions. We know this is a big purchase, we want to make it as comfortable as possible for you.

Get a contract. Once you have chosen your contractor get what work they are going to do and what equipment they are installing in writing, including the warranty.

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