How Air Conditioning Led to the Development of Modern America

July 4, 2017 ( – We are here for you to keep your air conditioning running and your home cool. However, as we get closer to the infamous dog days of summer in St. Louis, let’s take a moment to reflect on how air conditioning has changed modern life in America.

Air conditioning allows us to keep our homes at a comfortable temperature year round. This may be something most of us take for granted. However, life before these marvelous machines was quite different.

Before the AC there was definitely a different approach to the way homes were constructed. Many homes included more windows and higher ceilings in an attempt to facilitate better airflow throughout the house. In the South a style of home known as a dogrot was popular. The design consisted of two smaller rooms that were joined under one roof. One of the rooms was specifically for cooking and the other room was where the rest of the living activities took place.

Daily activities were also different before the invention of air conditioning. It was common for folks to take naps during the heat of the day. Many people would sleep on the porch or in a park to mitigate the hot summer nights. Seeing folks with handheld fans was a common site.

In the 1920s air conditioners became smaller, more affordable and therefore more prevalent. Believe it or not, air conditioning played a major role in leading to the Golden age of Hollywood. When movie theaters adopted early air conditioning technology people began to flock to the theaters not only to enjoy the show but also to find a spot to beat the heat.

The availability of air conditioning also allowed for a southern migration. The states that make up America’s Sun Belt experienced a population boom around the time air conditioning became more widely available. In 1950 these states accounted for 28% of the nation’s population. By 2000 this area accounted for 40% of the population.

Everything from your smartphone to your desktop may owe its existence to the presence of air conditioning. Computer chips produce large amounts of heat. Without a way to counteract the heat the chips will overheat and cease to function. In addition to being enormous in size, early computers had to be kept in very cold rooms to prevent them from overheating. It’s an interesting train of thought to consider that and item is revolutionary as the computer chip may not have come into existence without the invention of air conditioning.

Although early televisions did not have computer chips these two revolutionaries technologies would have probably not become as popular without the invention of air conditioning. Keeping a room at a comfortable temperature is key to having families and friends gather around the screen to enjoy their favorite show. If there was no way to control the indoor temperature outdoor activities would have probably been a vastly preferred pastime.

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