St. Louis, MO/August 19, 2017 ( – Like every industry, air conditioners have been the subject of a great deal of technological innovation in the last handful of years. Buying new HVAC equipment is not something most folks do frequently. Chances are, there have been several technological innovations since the last time you purchased an air conditioner. In this post, we will examine some of the new technological features that have been used to enhance new models of air conditioners.

Smart Thermostats: You can certainly use a smart thermostat with any AC unit. However you won’t be able to reap all of the benefits of a smart thermostat without a relatively new AC.

Modulation Technology: Air conditioners that use modulation technology are some of the most efficient units available. In addition to being extremely efficient, these units are able to maintain precise temperatures. These features will help to save you money in the long run on your energy bills.

An air conditioner with modulation technology is able to change the performance of the compressor to match the ambient temperature. This allows for much more efficient cooling of the home. Your home will be more comfortable, and you will save money. That is what we call a win-win.

Multiple Stages: Modulation isn’t the only way to save money with efficiency. Many air conditioners have multiple stages. Similar to modulation, this allows you to keep your home more comfortable and save money on utility bills.

Refrigerant That Is Environmentally Friendly: R-22 used to be the industry standard for refrigerant in air conditioners. R-22 is not environmentally friendly and is being phased out. In the coming years the supply of R-22 is going to be significantly reduced. With a reduced supply, the price for this refrigerant is likely to go through the roof.

Your air conditioner may have been state-of-the-art years ago when it was installed. Now there are many innovations that will benefit your pocketbook as well as the environment. If you are interested in exploring how a new air conditioner can benefit you, give us a call. Our AC experts will help you pick the right unit for your needs and explain all of the benefits you can receive from an air conditioner upgrade.

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