We spend a lot of time training in the minute aspects of indoor air quality here at Rhymes Heating and Cooling.  “Variable Speed” refers to the blower motor on your homes heating and air conditioning system.  Variable speed blower motor systems allow precise control of the flow of heated and cooled air throughout your home.

Improved airflow has some benefits.

1. Electrical Savings:
A Variable Speed Blower Motor’s electrical consumption is much lower than standard single speed motors. Because the blower is used year round to move the air throughout your home, Your utility bills will be lower year round

2. Heating/Cooling Efficiency:
Variable Speed Technology means you will gain more accurate delivery of the air throughout the house.  This can also reduce energy costs. The overall efficiency of your air conditioner takes into account the fan inside that moves the air. Installing a highly efficient Variable Speed Blower Motor and bingo, you get a more efficient system.

3. Hot & Cold Spots:
Variable speed motors allow you to keep a more even distribution of air throughout your home. Circulating the air constantly at very low speed can help remove cold and hot spots. Doing so with a variable speed motor is efficient and effective.

4. Air Quality:
By running the fan constantly in the “Fan On” setting on your thermostat the motor will continue to circulate air allowing the filters to capture more dust, mold and pollen particles.  This allows filtration even when the heating or cooling system is not needed.

5. Humidity Control:
When using a variable speed motor with a humidity sensing thermostat you can control the amount of humidity in the home for far more comfortable living throughout the Summer.  Here in the Humid Midwest we can appreciate the the noticeable difference a lower humidity level can make.