If your goal is like ours, to make home as comfy as possible, then this time of year we have to address the challenges of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).  Other than relocating there is not much we can do about Outdoor Air Quality.  When it comes to inside our Castle’s; that’s another story.

There are 3 primary approaches to improve IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and its corresponding effects on allergies.

These 3 include…

1. Source Control: This means we are removing the source from the home.  Examples include not smoking indoors, removing unused solvents like paint thinner from the house.

2. Ventilation: New construction techniques using house wrap, energy efficient windows and doors, window caulking and expanding foam sealants significantly reduce the movement of outdoor air through our homes.  This lack of ventilation leads to a buildup of stale dirty air inside.  The EPA estimates that this lack of air movement can lead to a build up of toxic pollutants that are up to 100 times greater than outdoor concentrations.  Ventilation is key to decreasing these concentrations.  Outdoor particles can increase when ventilation rates are increased due to the introduction of fresh outdoor air. Which leads us to…

3. Air Cleaning: There are a variety of solutions which can be used by a professional to address your specific problems in air cleaning.  We really love the new technology from Aprilaire, Carrier and Honeywell.  We feature the specs, features and benefits in our product pages elsewhere on this website.

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Just like other products there are many differences and you should find a trusted professional to recommend the best solutions for you and your home.  If you would like a consultation just Click Here.

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