When it comes to your home’s comfort we take care of every breath you take.  3 keys to the perfect degree of comfort are…


Here in the St. Louis region of the Midwest we know all about the need to control temperature.  In the Winter it is literally a matter of life and death.  Some would say it is during the Summer Heat waves as well.  We appreciate the need to control temperature as a basic comfort issue but that is just the first key to Indoor Comfort. Having the right thermostat in place is key to controlling temperature accurately.


Humidity is the second key and it really is an important part of the equation.  We need to add it in the Winter heating months and remove it during the Summer cooling months.  Spring and Fall it can go either way or both in the same week.  It makes sense to us here at Rhymes because we know that the health of our customers in their homes is extremely important.  We also know that the effects of humidity in homes is very important to health as well as comfort.  For instance too much humidity and we promote mold growth and feel sticky,  too little and we have optimum conditions for viruses to grow and sinuses to dry out creating more discomfort. Whole house humidifiers, dehumdifiers and variable speed blower motors allow for precise control of humidity year round.


The third Key to the perfect degree of comfort is the Quality of the air.  This means the cleanliness and Healthiness of the air.  Air which contains Dust, Dust Mites, Mold spores, Odors Viruses, Bacteria and Pollen add to the need for good filtration.  One of our customers had allergies so bad that she had us install one of our electronic air filters on her homes Central Air system.  After which she reported not only being able to breath easier but also enjoyed the reduced amount of dusting in the home.  We know the elimination of mold spores, pollen, dust mites, viruses and bacteria from our homes in the Midwest and especially the St. Louis region are important.  The Capture and Kill technology in some of our equipment really does the trick.  Add a ventilator and now we can maintain fresh new air inside without losing all of the heating and cooling. Give us a call to discuss how maintaining these three variables can improve your overall comfort throughout your home


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