What is zoning?

Zoning a house consists of using existing equipment and installing thermostats in different areas of the house to control the temperature more precisely in those zones. Each zone works independently of each other and has its own thermostat.

This feature is very useful in two story homes with 1 central system or in ranch style homes with different heat loads throughout the home. We have zoned almost every application you could imagine. If you have a hot or cold spot in your home, give us a call and we can design a solution specifically for your needs.

Live in Comfort. Save on Energy Bills.

With a properly zoned heating and air conditioning system, you can cater to everyone’s comfort preferences, and you can cut your energy costs too.

Now, thanks to infinitely customizable home heating and air conditioning system zoning, every area in your home can be optimally comfortable, day or night. Proper ducting will assure your system operates at maximum effectiveness, to help save valuable energy resources and give you a much-needed break in utility bills. And keep every member of your family in his or her personal comfort zone.