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Why is my furnace ….?

Why is my furnace ….? People have lots of questions about their furnace. Here are a few answers to the most common questions: Why is my furnace leaking water?  There are a few reasons that this could be happening.  If you have a high-efficiency furnace, the most common reason is a condensation leak.  The condensation [...]

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Is Your Furnace or HVAC System Ready?

Is Your Furnace or HVAC System Ready? Winter is Right Around the Corner St. Louis, MO: (RhymesHeating.com) - Although temperatures lately haven’t reflected it, Winter is right around the corner, so is your HVAC System ready?  Now is the time to take advantage of the extended warmer weather and make sure that you and your [...]

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Welcome to Rhymes Heating and Cooling Revised Blog

Welcome to our new blog.  It is a new addition to our website to enhance our communications with prospective as well as existing customers.  As a top-rated service provider our primary objective is high customer ratings and satisfaction. We will try to keep this exciting, interesting, educational and informative.  If not please let us know [...]

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Our Kids Air Quality makes a Big difference!

We all love our kids.  When it comes to some of the places we send them there is no doubt we can only protect them from some of the things they encounter.  The EPA tells us indoor air is often 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.  This means that the children's time at school, [...]

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3 Keys to Indoor Comfort

When it comes to your home's comfort we take care of every breath you take.  3 keys to the perfect degree of comfort are... Temperature: Here in the St. Louis region of the Midwest we know all about the need to control temperature.  In the Winter it is literally a matter of life and death.  [...]

5 Ways variable speed blower motors Improve Life

We spend a lot of time training in the minute aspects of indoor air quality here at Rhymes Heating and Cooling.  "Variable Speed" refers to the blower motor on your homes heating and air conditioning system.  Variable speed blower motor systems allow precise control of the flow of heated and cooled air throughout your home. [...]

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How to tell the difference between Allergies and the Common Cold.

Is it Allergies or did you catch a Cold?   In the allergy season it's often hard to tell the difference. Here are some ways to tell the difference between Allergies and the Common Cold. Allergies:  Symptoms appear all at once.     Colds:  Symptoms come on 1 by 1. Allergies:  Symptoms can last months.   [...]

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Aprilaire Whole House Air Cleaners.

 Product Spotlight: Aprilaire Whole House Air Cleaners       Aprilaire Whole House Filters and Air Purifiers If you suffer from allergies or have any medical conditions such as Asthma then these solutions from Rhymes Heating & Cooling are available to help reduce the suffering and significantly improve your indoor air quality and your health.  The following [...]

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3 ways to control Allergies in your Home.

If your goal is like ours, to make home as comfy as possible, then this time of year we have to address the challenges of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).  Other than relocating there is not much we can do about Outdoor Air Quality.  When it comes to inside our Castle's; that's another story. There are [...]

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Humidity! Maintain proper humidity for a Healthy home.

As we enter the first months of the year our heaters are on and running more and more.  Like most Midwest Winters our homes begin to dry resulting in nasal problems, static shocks from the carpet and electrical light switches.  This leads to dry skin, dry throats and sinuses. These side effects of low humidity [...]

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